Open thread, 4/22, Braves vs. Dan Ugglas

I don’t know what Dan Uggla has to do to get benched. He did his best to lose last night’s game before Evan Gattis rescued the Bravos in extras.

Yet Gattis and his .950 OPS are hitting behind Uggla in the line-up. Only B.J. and Jay Hey have a lower OPS than Fan. Makes you wonder about Fredi’s line-up construction.

As for Jay Hey’s bunt in the 9th, Fredi says it was Heyward’s call but he was fine with it.

And so it goes. The Braves keep winning despite the best efforts of some to sabotage their progress.

1 Heyward RF 2. BUpton CF 3. Freeman 1B 4. JUpton LF 5. Johnson 3B 6. Uggla 2B 7. Gattis C 8. Simmons SS 9. Wood P

Here’s the line-up I’d prefer:

Jay Hey



J. Upton






12 thoughts on “Open thread, 4/22, Braves vs. Dan Ugglas

  1. I noticed you guys have been doing people other than athletes this year and late last year. What’s the thinking behind that?

  2. Apparently MLB reviewed last Friday’s Mets game and took a hit away from Daniel Murphy and charged Uggla with an error. So he can compile errors even in the comfort of his home.

  3. Of course Fredi was fine with the bunt. I also heard Fredi say today that he “jokingly” asked Carlos Tosca if Gattis was capable of laying down a bunt with Uggla on first.

  4. While we’re on the topic of “Braves vs.,” how about a shout-out to Orestes Destrade, or perhaps Chuckie Carr? I guess it is often forgotten that Andre Dawson finished his career in South Fla. also. I remember seeing Dawson in person hit one over the Green Monster while he was a Red Sock, in ’93 when I was 10.

  5. We’ve done Destrade and Chuckie. As for our thinking behind these things, there’s not a great deal of thinking involved. We just try to find some lame celebrity/politician/general d-bag from the city and put them up there. And we randomly go back and forth between that and former players. This year we’ve mainly done the celebrity d-bags. If it’s hard to quickly find one of those, we might go with an old player. That’s about all there is to it. Thanks for the suggestions and keep them coming.

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