Open thread, 4.19, #Braves vs. Charlie Sheens

Bartolo Colon gave up 9 earned runs in 5 innings in his last start. Of course, against the Bravos a couple weeks back he looked like Tom Seaver, a really tubby, multi-chinned Tom Seaver.

Perhaps tonight we’ll get bad Bartolo. Santana looks to continue a remarkable run, as Braves hurlers have allowed but a single run in the past three games. The team’s WHIP is 1.106 in 142 innings. That’s better than Maddux’s career WHIP.

Tonight’s lineup: J-Hey, Bossman Jr., Freddie, JUp, Gattis, Uggla, CJ, Andrelton, Santana.

Two items that bring me joy: Bryce Harper got yanked by Matty W. today for loafing to first in a Nats loss, and BJ is hitting .320 in his past six games.

* Charlie Sheen was born in New York City. 


6 thoughts on “Open thread, 4.19, #Braves vs. Charlie Sheens

  1. Carpenter was very good last year. There are not a lot of other great options right now, either. Walden is looking better, but even if Kimbrel is fine — and I refuse to believe he’s not — the pen is a bit of a concern.

  2. charles, I hope that Venters comes back soon. We’re going to need him, although I’ll concede that Kimbrel probably didn’t have command of his fastball tonight because of the layoff.

  3. I think Carpenter would’ve been fine without Uggla’s pop fly sailing on him. That set the whole inning up.

  4. Great point, Pepe. Even so, Carpenter, as CB noted, has been pretty awful so far. He did a poor job of pitching through the bad break last night.

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