Open thread, 4/17, #Braves vs. Chuck Barrisses

It will be hard to top Julio’s performance, but Alex Wood and the Bravos will take the diamond and seek the sweep this afternoon. CB tells me Julio was the first visitor to throw a shutout at Citizens Bank Park. His work was beyond impressive. So was Gattis’. I love the tweet, retweeted on the Office, from Demetreus that Gattis will name his kid Citizensbank.

And a tip of the Braves cap to CB for accurately predicting the Braves would have double-digit hits and strikeouts last night. Re whiffs, the good news is the Braves are middle of the NL pack so far in Ks, with 126. Only three NL teams have fewer than 123.

I like the chances for a sweep, though you never know what to expect from A.J. Burnett. He’s capable of dominating any lineup. And he’s capable of giving up four or five runs in five innings.

Today’s lineup: J-Hey, BJ, Freddie, J. Upton, Johnson, Uggla, Andrelton, Laird, Wood.

* Born in Philly, Barriss, who’s still alive at 84, is an entertaining but deeply strange man. No one seems to know whether his claims of being a CIA assassin were true, though it seems highly unlikely. The entertaining side of Chuckie, Baby: 



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