Open thread, 4/16, #Braves vs. the Lawrence Bros.

The Braves’ 4th best starter, thus far, takes on a pitcher who has seemingly dominated the Braves like few before him. But despite a ridiculous ratio of 113 strikeouts and seven walks in 99-2/3 IP. Cliff Lee is just 7-6 lifetime against the good guys. He’s struggled in 2014, giving up a league-high 29 hits in 18 IP, so don’t be surprised if Braves batters reach double figures in strikeouts and hits. I suspect we’ll see Andrelton’s first K, but Gattis’ first walk will probably have to wait.  

All eyes will be on Kimbrel, if he’s needed. The season hangs on the health of his shoulder.

The line-up:

Heyward 9 BUpton 8 Freeman 3 JUpton 7 Gattis 2 Uggla 4 Johnson 5 Simmons 6 Teheran 1


3 thoughts on “Open thread, 4/16, #Braves vs. the Lawrence Bros.

  1. Outstanding effort by Teheran. Glad that Fredi allowed him to get the complete game. But our offense is always going to lack consistency as currently configured. With the exception of Andrelton, 7 of the 8 guys in the lineup will probably have over 100 strikeouts. It’s hard for your pitcher to win 1-0 games when your offense is 0-7 with RISP and leaves 10 men on base, but Julio managed it tonight.

  2. That was probably one of the best pitching performances by a Brave in recent years. Spectacular. Clete, I agree the offense will be inconsistent, like last year. But Cliff Lee is a different cat. He gives up his share of hits, but bears down when he needs to. He flat-out massacred J-Hey, who badly needs to improve against lefties. But all in all, great game by Julio, great win for the Bravos and another series win for the good guys.

  3. Yeah, I’m probably a little too hard on the offense tonight because Lee is a resourceful pitcher. A lineup like the Braves, however, will allow a good pitcher to make mistakes and get out of jams. Fortunately, Julio pitched as if he belonged on those nineties Braves pitching staffs.

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