Julio first #Braves pitcher in 11 years to throw a 1-0 shutout

Just how rare was Julio’s gem? The last Brave to throw a complete-game 1-0 shutout was Russ Ortiz in September 2003 against the Marlins and Josh Beckett.

And Ortiz drove in the run with a two-out single to score Javy. That game was Ortiz’s 20th win.

Something tells me Julio is destined to be a better Brave than Russ Ortiz. Well done, Julio. Well done.


3 thoughts on “Julio first #Braves pitcher in 11 years to throw a 1-0 shutout

  1. Predictably, the national media narrative seems to be “Poor Cliff Lee struck out a bunch of guys and lost.”

  2. Teheran is the real deal. I still don’t know what was going on his second time through AAA, but a lot of people seemed to leapfrog Delgado over him because of those struggles. Whatever it was, Teheran righted the ship and he is starting to look like the serious top of the rotation guy that he was projected to be. I’m one of the guys who still thinks GO/AO means a lot and when he’s on the right side of that equation, Teheran will likely pitch a gem like last night.

  3. Last night’s game, with both starting pitchers going the distance, doubled the number of complete games in the majors this season.

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