Open thread, 4.14, #Braves vs. Michelle Malkins

First off, happy birthday to two great Braves, David Justice and Greg Maddux. They were born on the same day in 1966. Damn, we’re getting old.

The rolling ball of butcher knives that is the Braves’ attack heads to the assisted living center in Philly. Yeah, Chase Utley is ripping the ball as he teases Philly phans before his inevitable long DL stint. And Jimmy Rollins is off to a nice start. But the Phils’ pitching is mediocre. Their starters have pitched the second fewest innings of any rotation in the NL, and their combined WHIP is 1.60. The bullpen is 9th in the league in ERA. Papelbon’s numbers are ugly — a 5-plus earnie — but he’s really only had one awful outing amongst five. Still, he’s clearly sliding, clearly a d-bag, and clearly he and his teammates share a mutual dislike. Which is nice.

Our heroes will face 34-year-old mediocrity (the other) Roberto Hernandez tonight, then Cliff Lee tomorrow, who’s still Cliff Lee but has yet to dominate in any of his three starts this season, TBA, and a guy who started the year at AAA. So that’s not too daunting.

We’ll see tonight if Ervin can keep his pitches swervin like last time out. Then it’s Hale, Julio and Wood.

Your Bravos lineup, again missing Chris Johnson, which is kinda interesting: J-Hey, BJ, Freddie, J. Upton, Gattis, Uggla, Andrelton, R. Pena at third based, Santana. I’m guessing Fredi likes the way Pena is swinging and wants to give CJ another day because he’s swinging so poorly. Or he could be injured.

* Philadelphia native Malkin is a ridiculous right-wing columnist who, among other stupid shit, has defended the U.S. imprisonment of innocent Japanese-American civilians during World War II.





13 thoughts on “Open thread, 4.14, #Braves vs. Michelle Malkins

  1. Be careful. Honestly, I’ve never spent much time in Philly. But I suspect the local fans’ bad rep is mostly deserved. That said, I’m sure this cab driver we once had in Baltimore, who was a New York native, was exaggerating when he gave this advice on visiting the City of Brotherly Love: “Get in, have a cheese steak, visit the Liberty Bell, and get out before you become a statistic.”

  2. “Assisted living center” indeed.

    It’s 1983 redux, without the pennant for solace.

  3. Three straight homers. Andrelton is swinging a hot bat, by the way. He is a superstar.

  4. We need to have fewer of those games…I’m happy the Bravos won, but man that was a ride. Hopefully that is Luis’s one bad outing this year; good that the team picked him up too so it won’t sting as bad.

  5. You can’t really draw any lasting conclusions about things that happen in that place. He had an off night and the hitters bailed him out. What happens in Philly stays in Philly.

  6. The biggest worry is Kimbrel’s sore shoulder. He hasn’t looked right this year.

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