Open thread, 4/13, Braves vs. Louie Gohmerts

Gohmert is almost always wrong, as in my post yesterday excoriating Fredi for playing Uggla and batting B.J. second,

Uggla’s on the pine today, along with the struggling Chris Johnson as Fredi deploys a Bobby-esque Sunday line-up:

1. Heyward rf 2. BUpton cf 3 Freeman 1b 4 JUpton lf 5 Simmons ss 6. Laird C 7 Pena 3b 8.Pastornicky 2b 9 Harang P

Gohmert, who once claimed that caribou enjoy the warmth of an oil pipeline, is a U.S. congressman from Texas.


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  1. charlesad says:

    I don’t think I’d use Kimbrel, Carpenter or Walden today unless it’s a 15-innng game.They’ve all worked two straight games and there’s no day off for a couple weeks.

  2. charlesad says:

    It’s only the first inning, but I can’t resist: “The Nats are our beeeeatch!” And, oh yeah, J Up is kinda hot.

  3. cleteboyerfan says:

    Nice call CD!

  4. cleteboyerfan says:

    On a non-related note, it is good to see that the Office’s estimation of Jeff Francoeur’s lack of brain matter has been confirmed by his minor league teammates.

  5. Tokyokie says:

    Yikes, the El Paso club has both Blaine Boyer AND Jeff Francouer? Have they checked on the availability of Ryan Langerhans?

  6. They have Brooks Conrad too.

  7. Van says:

    What’s even worse is Loonie Louie is my congressman. Ugh!

  8. pepefreeus says:

    Has anybody ever seen Gohmert and Will Clark together?

  9. My sympathies, Van. How did that guy to be a judge?

  10. roadrunner48 says:

    And Mike Cather is the pitching coach.

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