Open thread, 4/12, Braves vs. Fredi

Andrelton’s back in the line-up, batting 8th, because you gotta have the K machine hitting second. Apparently loafing to 1B last night carried no censure for B.J.. And guess who’s batting 6th, playing 2B?

Just when I’m ready to give Fredi the benefit of the doubt he reminds me why I’m not a fan. How many chances does Uggla get, especially when there’s a better alternative sitting on the bench?

I fear before the season’s done The Lummox will barrel over Andrelton, causing our star SS to miss considerable time. When that happens you can bet the yes men in the Braves broadcast booth will tell us how we should appreciate Uggla’s hustle.

How bad is Uggla? It would be an injustice to Keith Lockhart to compare the two. Watch out, Damaso Garcia, Uggla’s coming for you.

No room for error tonight for Alex Wood, especially when his 2B is likely to make a big one costing the Braves a win.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Van says:

    Doumit will have to hit like Javy Lopez when he catches to make up for how bad he is defensively.
    A large boulder could steal bases with him behind the plate.

  2. charlesad says:

    CB, you should do a post like this every day.

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