An early test for Fredi

There is absolutely no excuse for Fredi not to start Ramiro Pena at 2B tomorrow. Andrelton’s expected back at SS, a RH pitcher is starting for the Nats and Ramiro Pena is one of the few Braves hitting the ball. And he’s not going to make a boneheaded play like Uggla did on Friday, letting in three unearned runs.

I’m sick of hearing positives about Uggla. He’s the worst everyday player in baseball, with his loafing teammate a close second.

I hope Uggla’s off the team by season’s end. Tomorrow would be fine.


6 thoughts on “An early test for Fredi

  1. Uggla was lucky that the team was playing so well last year; his struggles could be tolerated. This year will be different. I hope 100 AB’s will be threshold, but who knows with the Braves? Will it take 200 for them to realize that he’s done? Now we’re watching a guy falling off a cliff who’s already fallen off a cliff. He’s not even walking now, as pitchers are going right after him.

    As for BJ, if he hasn’t turned it around by the end of May, it’s time to send him to AAA and make him play his way back.

  2. I don’t disagree with anything you said, roadrunner, though I’m not sure TODAY is a big test for Fredi. Uggla has looked better at the plate but that ain’t saying much. In fact, in the past few days he’s started making less good contact. If the BA stays around .200 and below, he shouldn’t stay in the lineup. I’m thinking 150ish ABs would be the threshold.

  3. Didn’t say it was a big test, just a test. Do you play the guy who’s better defensively and offensively or do you stick w/ a proven lummox who almost cost the Braves the game last night? This team has very little margin for error. Besides, the verdict is in on Uggla: He sucks! Time to give Pena the job. If Uggla doesn’t like it maybe he’ll do us all a favor and quit. (A man can dream.)

  4. I wondered how the bases got loaded that inning…didn’t realize that it was because of Uggla. I agree that Pena should get to play instead 100%; on the bright side, hopefully Justin is about to have another tremendous April for us.

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