Open Thread, 4.11, Bravos vs. Bombo Riveras

Andrelton’s out again, though he tells the local organ he can pinch hit.

Julio T. is off to a nice start but has not really had his A-grade stuff in either of his two outings. So he figures to have it tonight. Let’s hope so because the Natspos have been knocking it around pretty well lately. Meanwhile, the enemy hurler, Tanner Roark, hasn’t pitched in eight days. Maybe he’s rusty. Roark has pitched well in his 59-2/3 big league innings after putting up OK numbers in the minors.

Honestly, I know little about the guy.

I know it’d be nice to see the Braves offense have a decent night, with production from someone other than just Freeman and one other guy du jour. It was Justin last night. He’s streaky, we know, so maybe he’s about to go aripping.

Tonight’s lineup: J-Hey, BJ, Freeman, CJ, Justin, Uggla (yeah, he looks better but it’s time he got some hits), Gattis, R. Pena, Julio T.

* Rivera played briefly for the Expos in the 1970s. For some reason, Garrison Keillor wrote a song about him in the late ’70s, according to WIkipedia, and he’s mentioned in the book Shoeless Joe. That’s the book on which the movie, Field of Dreams, is based. CB always cries when he watches that movie. As for Keillor, he’s OK. But who the hell books a gig at Chastain Park and then bitches about the audience talking through the show? That’s a little like going to a game and whining about BJ striking out.  


5 thoughts on “Open Thread, 4.11, Bravos vs. Bombo Riveras

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  1. Now BJ loafs to first for a double play. Slightly off topic, but can anyone in baseball bunt these days?

  2. They say about Uggla, “He can beat you so many ways. With his bat, with his glove.” But that is his own teammates talking.

  3. I haven’t been able to take Garrison Keilor seriously since hearing Harry Shearer do a Lake Woebegone bit on Le Show back in 1988. Shearer’s dead-on skewering involved the narrator encountering a wayward lass from his hometown who was now a hooker and in Atlanta to work the Democratic convention (at which Keilor led the pledge of allegiance). Wish I could find a copy.

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