Coach Chipper

I hope the Braves have asked Chipper to be their hitting instructor. If not, what are they waiting for?

No offense to Greg Walker, but Braves batters are obviously not buying what he’s selling. Meanwhile, after just one tutoring session with Number 10, B.J. looks noticeably more relaxed at the plate.

Make it happen, FW.


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  1. Van says:

    I love Chipper’s hitting knowledge, but I get tired of the Brave’s announcers getting excited when BJ hits a fly ball to the outfield.

  2. Well, when you’ve seen B.J. strike out every other AB, a fly ball is reason for celebration.

  3. Jack Straw says:

    BJ making contact is an exciting thing. Anything can happen when the ball is put in play. You are right about Chipper. He knows hitting, and he belongs in a baseball clubhouse.

  4. charlesad says:

    Chipper probably doesn’t yet want to go back to the seven-month grind.

  5. He shows up at the ballpark a lot more than retired players typically do. You can only hunt and fish so much. Walker’s obviously not having much of an impact.

  6. pepefreeus says:

    In addition to all of these pluses, having a guy who much of the fanbase wants as a manager right there in the same dugout as Fredi, ready to go at any time, might inspire him to do better. See Dr. Johnson’s thing about the prospect of hanging causing you to focus.

    Failing that, he might finally fuck up enough to get sent packing.

  7. charlesad says:

    Big difference between going to a game or two a month and being a full-time coach. He might not want to be away from his kids for half the year. Firing hitting coaches is a classic ploy but I’m not sure how often it works. Who knows how much difference hitting coaches make anyway. Do you guys really think Uggla and BJ would be hitting differently with a different hitting coach?

  8. mr. movie says:

    Was living in DC last year. LaRoche was mired in a deep slump. Braves come to town and Chipper had a couple of sessions with him. He immediately began hitting and gave Chipper credit for turning his season around. Nats announcers ga-ga-ed about it for weeks.

  9. cleteboyerfan says:

    Powell just mentioned that since that session, Upton has only struck out 3 times in 19 at bats. That kind of K/AB ratio are practically Tony Gwynn type numbers for BJ.

  10. A.C.Reynolds says:

    we need chipper for hitting coach. lets start a chipper for coach campaign.

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