The Braves’ worst trade ever is no longer up for debate

Twice we’ve counted down the 10 worst trades in Atlanta Braves history, and each time we settled on a different Number 1. We were wrong both times.

Sure, Justice and Grissom for Lofton was bad and it appeared for a time Andrus, Feliz, Salty and Harrison for Borasbot might even be worse.But the first deal made it possible to retain Mad Dog and Glavine while the players sent to Texas haven’t fulfilled their potential due mainly to injuries.

The passing of time only makes the trade that sent Adam Wainwright to the Cards look worse. Wainwright just won his 100th game with the Cards against 58 losses. His lifetime 3.10 ERA and 1.182 WHIP are well above the league average and he’s been even better in the postseason, with a 2.53 ERA, 0.990 WHIP and 10.1 K/9 IP in 67-2/3 innings. Wainwright has twice been the runner-up in Cy Young Award voting and finished third another season while throwing 230 or more innings three times.

In return for a true ace the Braves got one season of J.D. Drew, and they knew at the time of the deal they wouldn’t be able to re-sign Just Disabled. So why trade your best pitching prospect for a rental?

Imagine if FW shipped Lucas Sims to Toronto for Colby Rasmus, who’ll be a free agent after this season. Sims may not be the prospect Wainwright was, and Rasmus isn’t as talented as Drew, but you get the point.


5 thoughts on “The Braves’ worst trade ever is no longer up for debate

  1. Agreed. We’ve absorbed and covered up the losses from the Teixeira trade. Additionally, we didn’t mortgage the farm to sign him which would have been a disaster because after the stellar ’09, he’s fallen almost completely apart.

  2. And if we sign Sheffield we don’t trade for Drew. Somehow Schuerholz lost all his acumen when he started blaming the “economics of baseball” for everything and as a result he decided to quit thinking.

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