Open thread, 4/6, Braves vs. Linda Tripps

Today’s game is a gravy. A sweep would be wonderful, of course, but coming home 4-2 is plenty good.

No line-ups yet, but Nats beat writer Adam Kilgore says Harper and Zimmerman are on the bench today, with Kevin Frandsen and Nate McLouth starting in the OF.

For the Bravos: J-Hey, BJ, Freeman, CJ, JU, Uggla, Laird, Andrelton, Wood.

Meanwhile, Matt Williams runs out a Bobbyish Sunday lineup: Rendon 3B, Frandsen LF, Werth RF, LaRoche 1B, Desmond SS, Espinosa 2B, McLouth CF, Leon C, Jordan P.



  1. She looks a little like Boy George to me. Heard him on NPR recently. I was never a huge Culture Club fan, but he was funny and interesting.

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