Open Thread, 4.5, Bravos vs. the Patch Adamses

Three Braves regulars have more than 15 at-bats against Strasburg, who often pitches more like Stressburg against Los Bravos. That trio–Freeman, Heyward and Uggla–are all hitting over .400 against the gnats’ hurler. Stressburg’s career ERA against the Braves is 3.68. That’s hardly Albie Lopezian, but it is .68 above his career earnie.

That he has a career ERA of 3.00 is a tad surprising.  Anyway, as for today’s tilt, I suspect Julio to be sharp after battling his way through the opener with far less than his best stuff. Stressburg did much the same but gave up 4 runs to the crappy Mets. So, bad news, he’s probably due to pitch well, too. That likely adds up to another 2-1 affair.

Since I typed that, it’ll probably be 10-9.

Julio has made 35 big league starts. He’s 15-10 with a 3.43 ERA. That’s better than Avery, Maddux and Glavine at the same point. That is not to say Julio will be better than those guys. Chances are, he won’t be better than Maddux and Glavine, though with good health he could well surpass Avery’s career body of work.

As for a small body of work, how about Carpenter yesterday? That’s the sort of outing that could cement him as a first-rate setup guy. If he needed a confidence boost after his October struggles, that should do it. Yeah, it’s just April, but these games matter, especially any one you can take while DC has the clear advantage against the Braves battered rotation. I will nominate Carpenter’s 8th yesterday for performance of the season so far.

Turning to the offense, Uggla’s numbers are not eye-popping so far. But he looks night-and-day better than last season. It’s not just Braves homer broadcaster babble — he is hitting the ball hard. He got called out twice yesterday on pitches that were probably balls. Happens. Justin will come around. BJ. Hmm. Not hitting. Not bunting. Rarely putting the ball in play. Give it a few more games, and if BJ keeps whiffing two-three times per outing, then switch him and Simmons in the order.

* Yes, the real Patch Adams is from Washington. I suppose it’s not totally his fault that movie goers were assaulted with the abomination that bore his name. But it happened. So he shares blame for the most annoying screen character of the past quarter century.





5 thoughts on “Open Thread, 4.5, Bravos vs. the Patch Adamses

  1. A win tonight would be a nice kick in the groin to an obnoxious nemesis. Perhaps Harper will get thrown out on the basepaths again.

  2. I’d like to see Harper get the Woody Woodward treatment.

    Back when the Braves were in Milwaukee, they were playing the Dodgers on the Game of the Week, and Woodward was the runner at first with one out. The batter hit a grounder to first baseman Wes Parker, who threw toward second only the hit Woodward square in the back of the head, knocking him out cold and sending him sprawling face-first in the basepath. The ball rebounded to Parker, who stepped on first for the second out, then Maury Wills wound up with the ball and cautiously approached the prone Woodward like he might bite. Wills looked at the umpire with a is-this-legal look on his face, then tagged Woodward like he was catching a snake. Game over, and a crew with a stretcher hauled Woodward away.

  3. That’s a hell of a memory.

    On another note, if BJ doesn’t pull it together by May, I would like to see him work out his problems in Gwinnet. Let him hit his way back.

  4. One of the best young pitchers in the game pitched a strong, gutty seven innings to lead his team to a win. The other was Stressburg. It’s absurdly early, but this Braves team, like the past couple, has the look of a group that finds ways to win. Much as some of you all hate it, I think some of the credit goes to Fredi. Leaving Julio in for the 7th last night was a nice move. Julio finished his night like an ace, and coming back out like that can only lift his confidence. He held down a very good lineup with less than his A stuff. That’s what an ace does.

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