Open thread, 4/2, Braves vs. Billy Jo Robidouxs

Same line-up except at catcher, where Laird gets the start and bats 7th. Nothing wrong with Gattis except that today’s game comes 13 hours after last night’s ended.

If Aaron Harang pitches half as well as Wood did last night, the Braves should take the series. I hesitate to say it, but Uggla looks like a different man at the plate. Wish I could say the same about B.J., though Fredi is right to leave him in the 2-hole. For now. As bad as he’s looked, there’s no need to shake his confidence after just two games.



  1. BJ leads off the next inning. Maybe Garza will accidentally hit his bat and it’ll drop over the first baseman’s head.

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