Open thread, 4/1, Braves vs. Kato Kaelins

First off, a happy Office birthday to Knucksie, celebrating his 75th today.

The law of averages should favor the Braves tonight. They have been shut out in 6 of their last 9 games against Milwaukee, and over that period the Brewers’ pitching has been mediocre at best. That holds true for tonight’s hurler, Kyle Lohse, who has a 1.389 WHIP and 4.26 ERA against the Braves in 11 career starts. Despite that, he’s lost only once against the local nine.

His mound opponent, Alex Wood, was outstanding this spring, and if the Braves are to compete he must continue to exceed expectations — especially now, with Aaron Harang and David Hale following him in the rotation. Lose tonight and an 0-4 start looks entirely possible.

The line-up is unchanged, though B.J. may not be long for the #2 hole. He looked every bit as helpless yesterday as he was in 2013, though he did work favorable counts in two AB’s (3-0, 2-0). Yes, I’m reaching.

*Kaelin was born and raised in Milwaukee before relocating to Brentwood to become O.J. Simpson’s gal Friday.


2 thoughts on “Open thread, 4/1, Braves vs. Kato Kaelins

  1. Not much to be displeased about. The Uptons struck out 5 times between them. I really don’t want to spend another season watching BJ appear over-matched in every at bat.

  2. As a math teacher, it’s my duty to remind you that the law of averages does not favor anyone based solely on the number of prior results–we had the exact same chance of being shut out by Kyle Lohse last night whether or not we had been shut out on Monday.

    I agree with Jack, though…Uggla’s looking improved so far, but BJ still seems clueless.

    Another positive about this year’s opening week–I’m glad we don’t have an off day in the middle of the first series this time.

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