The all-time Braves rotation that wasn’t

Did you know King Felix  was almost a Brave? Thanks in part to his idol Freddy Garcia, Hernandez ended up signing with the Mariners. Thanks a lot, Freddy.

Hernández received a large signing bonus of $710,000, although he said the Mariners were not the highest bidder. Other teams trying to sign him included the New York Yankees, the Atlanta Braves, and the Houston Astros, with the Braves reportedly offering the most money.

He’s not the only ace hurler who almost pitched for the Braves:

Honorable mention: Bob Gibson, who, as Joe Torre’s pitching coach, flirted with returning to the mound for the Braves during the ’82 NL West race.


6 thoughts on “The all-time Braves rotation that wasn’t

  1. The Seaver screw up is of historic dimensions. In his best years he threw as hard as Koufax and spotted the ball as well as Maddux.

  2. if Tom comes here and teams with Phil, we’re on a level with the Reds and Pirates for most of the ’70’s.

  3. That Seaver screw up really stuck in my craw when I was a kid, especially when he would be pitching against the Braves and Milo or Ernie would mention it.

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