The 10 worst regular season games in A-Braves history

Our list begins in 1977, when the Braves got off to a surprising 8-5 start. They were 8-7 on April 25 when they played host to the defending world champion Reds.

Knucksie started and didn’t make it out of the first, allowing 6 runs. Enter Jamie Easterly (5.72 ERA, 1.758 WHIP in 6 years as a Brave), who gave up 5 hits, 7 walks and 8 runs in 3-1/3 IP. His replacement, Mike Beard, gave up 9.

Only 3 of those runs were earned, thanks to 6 Braves errors — two by Pat Rockett, who’d commit 23 errors in 84 games that year. Fourteen more losses followed the April 25 defeat, and the 17-game losing streak remains a team record. Game 17, you may recall, was managed by Ted Turner.

Our list concludes 33 years later, with a 17-2 loss to the Padres in what would be Jo-Jo Reyes’ final game as a Brave. Jo-Jo, appearing in relief of Jair Jurrjens, walked three and allowed 9 ER and 10 hits in 3-1/3 IP.

Surprisingly, Hall of Famer Greg Maddux started two of the games on our list. In the same week, no less. And the best fielding pitcher ever made errors in both games.

Mad Dog lasted only two innings in the first contest, a 17-1 loss at home to the Marlins in which he allowed 9 hits and 7 runs in just two innings. He lasted 5-2/3 in his next start, April 9 vs. the Phils , but his 11.00 ERA actually rose  thanks to 7 earned runs (on 12 hits).

Needless to say the greatest pitcher of his generation rebounded, and so did the Braves, who’d go on to win 101 that year.

The rest of the list can be found here.


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