Braves more profitable in 2013, yet payroll stays the same

According to to Liberty Media’s quarterly filing with the SEC (h/t Willie Montanez), the Braves reported revenues of $251 million for FY 2013 (through 9/30) with a operating income — the difference between operating revenues and operating expenses — of $52 million.

That’s an increase of $21 million from the same period in 2012, when the team reported revenues of $216 million and an operating income of $31 million.

And that doesn’t count the extra $25 million in national TV revenues. If the Braves spent half of their additional $46 million in profits on players their payroll would be about what Washington’s was in 2013.

Instead we’re told the payroll will probably end up at around $95 million — roughly $5 million above last year’s.

You don’t need me to tell you where the other $40 million is going.


3 thoughts on “Braves more profitable in 2013, yet payroll stays the same

  1. The Liberty Media SEC document — — also says the increased revenue was mainly a one-time bump from recognizing revenue from a “settlement of historical broadcast rights issues.” The document doesn’t explain those issues, but it does not sound like that’s the extra money from the new TV deal. That new TV money doesn’t start rolling in until 2014, according to what I’ve read.

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