Braves nearing deal w/ Gavin Floyd

So the 2014 Braves rotation will potentially have two right-handers coming off Tommy John surgery — one good and one decidedly average.

Meet your new fifth starter, Gavin Floyd, who probably won’t be ready for Opening Day. So this is who the Braves are going to replace Huddy with, a unremarkable 30-year-old with a career 4.48 ERA and 1.338 WHIP?

Might as well have re-signed Paul Maholm.

Floyd’s best season was 2008, the only year he finished with an ERA under 4.00.

Get used to it, because the Braves are swimming in the shallow end of the free agent pool for the foreseeable future.

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  1. Tom Bass says:

    Medlin, Minor, Teheran, Beachy, Wood…none of these guys should sit for Gavin Floyd to pitch even an inning. With Liberty as owner and Frank Wren as GM the future is far from bright in Atlanta.

  2. pepefreeus says:

    Richard Justice says we’re a sleeper in the David Price sweepstakes.

    Just thought you guys should know.

  3. roadrunner48 says:

    This guy is a much better pitcher than Maholm. Let’s see what the $ are. I wouldn’t mind having him around at all. He’s great as a 5th starter/insurance when one of the others goes down, which will surely happen.

  4. Don’t know how much insurance he’ll be — some reports have him unavailable until the All-Star Break.

  5. Jack Straw says:

    We have probably gotten the only good baseball we are going to get from Freddy Garcia, so there is little point singing him except as a long man. If we are in the hunt for David Price, does that mean Beachy isn’t going to be ready?

  6. Gavin Floyd = John Thomson.

  7. jon3068 says:

    I’m fine with this. Wren doesn’t do so great when it comes to high-profile free agents.

  8. Gavin Floyd = David Palmer.

  9. pepefreeus says:

    I’ll take a Dave Palmer type for the relative chicken feed they’ll pay him.

    Somebody has got to evince a pretty shitty loser attitude before I trot out a John Thomson comparison.

  10. roadrunner48 says:

    Palmer was pretty good that first year he was with us. Yes, I’d take some of that.

  11. atlpaddy says:

    At least John Thomson was a big “King of the Hill” fan. That’s all I got…

  12. Gavin Floyd = John Montefusco

  13. roadrunner48 says:

    How long until we get to Adolf Hitler?

  14. Gotta go thru Mark Redman first.

  15. Bigwheel says:

    C’mon guys. This is a ‘win now’ move. Remember the last two seasons we’ve had veterans step up and fill a void? Plus this was a move advocated by Walk/fletch, who said would be a great influence on the rotation, clubhouse. And hey, if he doesnt end up throwing a pitch for us, we are only out about half of our offseason budget.

  16. Tokyokie says:

    The sad thing (well, one of the sad things) is that the deal that Huddy signed with the Giants, in light of the free-agent deals that have followed, could be considered a bargain. But Liberty Media cannot even afford free-agent bargains, just free-agent remainders.

  17. roadrunner48 says:

    It’s not a bargain I’d want. I’m glad not to see a commitment to a 38-year-old 4th starter for the next 2 years who’s carrying a significant contract. That would leave little room for Wood, Hale, Sims, or Gilmartin to crack the rotation.

  18. Sharon Egan says:

    Hard to see how this makes sense. You’ve just spent $4 million (difficult to imagine him hitting his incentives target if he’s not available until May) on a guy who projects as a 4 or 5 starter. 4 or 5 starters rarely get the ball in a playoff series, so wouldn’t it make more sense to depend on Beachy and Wood getting you through the regular season in those roles and invest the money instead in your position players?

  19. wuky says:

    I have no problem with this signing, given the options. Relatively cheap with a high upside. And I’ll take our club’s history of turning average pitchers into quality starters (see Javier Vasquez).

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