Why weren’t the Braves in on Fister?

Doug Fister, two years removed from free agency,  is a workhorse who eats innings without eating up much payroll. The 30-year-old right-hander — career 3.53 ERA and 1.213 WHIP — has topped 200 innings in 2 of the past 3 years and is projected to make $6.9 million in 2014.

Though not an ace, he’s the next best thing: An affordable workhorse.

My question: Where was Frank Wren? He was a protege of Detroit GM Dave Dombrowski, so that should’ve given him a leg up over Nats GM Mike Rizzo. An offer of J.R. Graham, Ryan Butcher and Tyler Pastornicky would’ve been at least comparable to the trio of players Washington sent to the Tigers for Fister.

Anyone think that’s too much? Didn’t think so. And it’s a safe bet the Braves won’t find anyone better than Fister, especially at that price. They’re rumored to have interest in Jeff Samardzija, who allegedly has a bigger upside and will come a higher price, prospect-wise. And he’ll be 29 on  Opening Day, so don’t expect him to suddenly evolve into an ace. In 66 major league starts, Samardzija has a 4.32 ERA and 1.321 WHIP.

Regardless, the Nats just got better. With Fister in the fold, Washington now boasts the best rotation in the division, if not the National League.


9 thoughts on “Why weren’t the Braves in on Fister?

  1. I still don’t understand the trade for Detroit. I’m now angrier than I was five minutes ago because the our main rival in our division has him for less than what we could offer.

  2. Looks like Detroit was just trying to clear payroll so they could sign Joe Nathan and pursue Choo. The Braves should’ve recognized and pounced.

  3. Actually, the Fowler trade angers me more. The Rockies said he was untouchable last year when the Braves were looking for a CF. Instead we ended up with BJ, and his huge contract.

  4. The Braves are the ones with the best rotation. And the Nationals are still overrated.

  5. Off topic, but it was depressing to read that Tommy Hanson was DFAed by the Angels. Wondering how much Tommy is responsible for his career sliding off the rails, or maybe he was an overrated prospect all along.

  6. I agree with roadrunner here; our rotation of Medlen, Beachy, Minor, and Teheran will hold their own with any other rotation. I see our problem being on the offensive side again – the recent post of Rowland’s about the strikeout totals comes to mind…

  7. “Why weren’t the Braves in on Fister?” My exact thoughts when I learned of the trade. Would gladly offer up the 3 guys you suggested. On the flip side, our pitching should still be strong, and I was very impressed with David Hale.

    My primary hope for the offseason remains for Struggla to be traded. That happens, then we’re immediately better.

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