Thanks for everything, Huddy

Pretty safe to assume that Huddy was the 5th best starter in Atlanta Braves history, behind the Big 3 and Knucksie. He won 113 and lost just 72, with a 3.56 ERA and 1.242 WHIP for the home team, pretty similar to the numbers he put up in Oakland. Acquiring him for Charlie Thomas, Dan Meyer and Juan Cruz ranks as one of the best trades of the new century.

Huddy is about as cool a guy as you’ll see pass through these parts and he’ll be missed on the mound and in the clubhouse. He also allegedly referred to Tex as “same old douche,” which immediately made him one of my favorite Braves. Hate to see him go, but the price tag (2 years, $23 mil) was too high.

Something tells me Roy Halladay takes his place in Atlanta. That’s not an endorsement, just a prediction.


15 thoughts on “Thanks for everything, Huddy

  1. First casualty of the Braves white flight stadium deal? Are they going cheap until the money flows?

    I hate it but that’s high for Huddy., He will be missed. No thanks on Halladay. I prefer Haren or Burnett.

  2. You have been pessimistic lately, even for you. I don’t think any team serious about winning is going to touch Halladay.

  3. Tim definitely deserves a place in the Braves team HOF and I would retire his number if the decision was up to me.

  4. There are at least five pitchers whose number should be retired before Hudson’s, starting with Lew Burdette.

  5. His concentration and focus were on a par with Glavine and Maddux. And since Hudson is gone, is it safe to assume Medlen isn’t going anywhere?

  6. They’ve said they’re increasing payroll next season, not cutting it. I don’t think Huddy’s departure has anything to do with the new ballpark plan. Why diminish your product right before you move to the new yard? Huddy’s a great guy, good pitcher, hate to see him go and surely don’t blame him for taking a chunk more money. But that contract would make no sense for the Braves. This is just a smart (non)move given the team’s financial constraints. It’s wise not to commit $23 million to a 38-year-old pitcher coming off a broken ankle when you have many other priorities. I still think they could sign some of the young guys to long-term deals. You’ve got Huddy’s and McCann’s salaries off the books, and there will be a bunch of big raises. Still, they should have a little jack to play with.

    I’m not sure why they’d get Halladay. If they can’t acquire a legit ace, I’d say go with what you got. And I’m not completely convinced that Teheran or Minor won’t be an ace soon, anyway, maybe even next season. As for Medlen, I can’t imagine him leaving unless it was in a package for a true No. 1 starter.

  7. I don’t want to sidetrack this but I’m genuinely curious who the other four guys are besides Burdette.

  8. I forgot that there weren’t numbers until the ’20’s, so four of the guys I was thinking of don’t count: Kid Nichols, Jack Stivetts, Vic Willis, and Dick Rudolph. And then there’s Johnny Sain, who’s definitely a larger figure than Hudson. One could also make the case for Bob Buhl.

  9. I agree with roadrunner on Burdette and Willis and probably Nichols and Sain, but teams should only retire the numbers of great players, not merely good ones. With the exception of Dale Murphy, a multiple-MVP, all the retired numbers for the Braves were worn by guys who are either in the Hall of Fame, or soon will be. Hudson (and, for that matter, Burdette) aren’t quite at that level.

  10. I’m with you all the way. There wouldn’t be any numbers left to wear if Hudson set the bar. Murphy is a good exception.

  11. Huddy’s got over 200 wins. That total will be harder and harder to match in this relief-specialist pitch count era. He’ll end up getting some HOF consideration.

  12. Sain being a larger figure than Hudson is far from definite, to my mind. I know he has a lasting influence as a pitching coach and that poem but Hudson’s numbers are comparable, both as a Brave and overall.

    Nichols is in the Braves team HOF as well as the Cooperstown Hall. I think the Braves should probably put Cooperstown HOFer John Clarkson in their team HOF, as well.

    This franchise has a solid claim on no less than six 300 game winners. By my count, only the Giants have anything close to that.

    And no, I’m not counting Perry, as much as I liked having him around.

    Nichols, Clarkson, Spahn, Niekro, Glavine and Maddux.

  13. Sain won 20 or more four or five times and led the Braves to the World Series, Pepe. Huddy never did that, clearly.

    I never know how to compare guys like Clarkson or Old Hoss Radbourn with the top pitchers of latter times. The distance from the mound to the plate was signifcantly shorter in the 1880’s.

    Happy Tday, everyone.

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