That’s what good managing looks like

Managers don’t win games, they lose them, say those who’ve watched Fredi pilot the Braves.

But tonight’s MVP may have been the Cards’ skipper. The double steal in the 7th was beautiful, but I was even more impressed by Mike Matheny’s decision to let Carlos Martinez complete the 8th. It’s common sense, really — if your pitcher is pitching well, leave him in. But most managers are slave to the match-up.

Best of all, Matheny’s moves came at the expense of the Sox.


3 thoughts on “That’s what good managing looks like

  1. All true but Farrell was pretty stupid to pitch to Beltran in that situation, as well.

  2. And moving ahead to Saturday’s game, Bosox fans’ comments on various national sports websites are proving their supposed superior knowledge of the game to be a load of crap. The obstruction call was a weird way to end any game, much less one in the World Series, but Middlebrooks clearly tripped Craig, and the rule clearly says that Craig was entitled to an extra base. It doesn’t matter that Middlebrooks didn’t mean to trip him; intent is not part of the rule.

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