Fredi: I’d make the same dumb mistake again

At least Mr. Burns was consistent

Fredi is not one for introspection.

He would have done “nothing different, really. Other than I wish that ball had gone foul, or that he would have swung and missed,” Gonzalez said. “Nothing different at all. You feel good about the decision.”

He must be a Dodgers fan.

Asked why Kimbrel couldn’t get six outs when Mariano Rivera did it 14 times in the postseason over his career, Fredi offered the lamest of rationales.

“That’s a different animal there,” Gonzalez said of Rivera. “That’s a guy who has done it from — I think he came up as a starter, and then I think he pitched multiple innings in the middle of the game for a lot of years. He’s done it for, however many saves does he have, 600 and something? (652) – I think he’s only done multiple innings 40 times.”

Rivera was a starter in the minors but was a setup man only one year. Kimbrel was a starter in college, for what it’s worth.

Somewhat unrelated, note the contradiction in this quote.

“And they were trying to give us an out there with Uribe, and he goes from a bunting situation to a two-run homer. That would have been one out less that we had to worry about.”

Interesting observation from someone who, according to him, frequently gives opponents outs. As he did in the first inning of Game 4.

Safe to say Fredi shouldn’t be acting as his own defense counsel.


2 thoughts on “Fredi: I’d make the same dumb mistake again

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  1. Arrogance and lack of ability is a lethal combination.

    I have never been a fan, but I am so fucking done with Fredi right now.

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