A record-setting night for Fan Uggla

Congrats to the Braves’ highest-paid player, who broke his own team record, set in 2012, for most K’s in a season: 170. And he did it in 78 less AB’s!

That’s not the only record Uggla is chasing. Tonight’s 0-fer dropped his BA to .179, which would tie Rob Deer‘s mark, set in 1991, for the lowest average ever for a hitter with 20 HR. Deer hit three more homers that year than Uggla has in 2013, struck out five more times and had a better OBP, but Dan’s got the former Tigers slugger beat in salary: $13 mil to $1.96 mil.

Uggla since Aug. 1: 95 AB, 10 H (9 singles, 1 HR), 38 K’s

Well done, sir.


5 thoughts on “A record-setting night for Fan Uggla

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  1. If we keep this guy instead of McCann I might quit going to games for a while.

  2. I love these white-knuckle managerial decisions over potential records almost as much as I do the playoff chase. Now that the batting title is out of reach for C. Johnson, does Fredi settle for the tied record and sit Dan for the next two games? Or, does he call on Dan’s mighty bat to help wrest the top seed from the despised Cards, and risk a bloop single on the blind (a very appropriate adjective in this case) squirrel theory, a dink hit that could ruin the pursuit of the Rob Deer standard? The Braves’ fan base waits with baited breath.

  3. Since when does a sub 200 ave player even stay in the majors. When a manager sends Gattis down to minors to fix a swing that while broken is still better than both BJ and Uggla combined and not once considered sending them down continues to befuddle me. If they truly cared about those players they would’ve had them work things out outside of the glare of the majors. With the managers reasoning that they just need the ABs and time gone with the regular season will he now play the better players for the playoffs. BJ and Uggla has has their shot with no improvement. It’s time to play to win for the team. Not appease a high priced, underproducing player.

  4. Uggs ends up tieing the Rob Deer gold standard at .179 after 162 games. It seems somewhat like that last Crash Davis dinger in Asheville, however; the achievement more or less eluded baseball’s notice.

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