Nats can’t accept reality

gregoryThe Nationals are having a hard time accepting their fate as the Braves’ whipping boy. Before the season started, Jayson Werth said he viewed the Phillies as a bigger threat than the local nine.

After the Bravos swept the Nats in D.C. back in April, outscoring them 18-5, Danny Espinosa insisted Washington was the better team. Anyone heard from Espinosa lately?

It seems the delusion comes from the top.

“We need to at least send a message the next 3 days that we’re better than them” Davey Johnson told Nats beat writer Amanda Comak on Sunday.

Little late for that, Davey.

I guess I can understand their frustration. If my team, picked by most everyone to win the World Series, was upended by a challenger beset by injuries — one whose two highest-paid players failed to crack the Mendoza Line — I’d probably be in denial, too.


4 thoughts on “Nats can’t accept reality

  1. I think it’s just a case of the manager trying to rile up his players. I remember in 2011 the Nats were huge spoilers against the Braves. (granted, that September, everyone was a spoiler against the Braves)

    They *know* they failed to live up to expectations this year. They must, right???

  2. Careful. These assholes still could slip into the playoffs. Whip ’em tonight, and I will commence to crow a little.

  3. Yeah, they’re not catching us but if the Reds don’t stop jerking off, they could slip into that second WC slot. It would be a nightmare because all their latent media support would come flying to the fore.

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