The silver anniversary of rock bottom: Streaking to the finish

You’d think a season that began with 10 consecutive losses wouldn’t get any worse, but the ’88 Braves showed fans no mercy.

They entered Game 140 with a 49-90 record after fighting back from a 4-1 deficit the night before to defeat to the Friars. It was their third win in 4 games, which is as good as it got that season. A losing streak would inevitably follow.

Their 91st loss featured the anemic offense (3 hits, including a trademark solo HR from Ozzie Virgil) and porous defense (a crucial error by 3B Ron Gant loaded the bases in the 4th, setting the table for a two-run single) we’d come to expect from the ’88 Bravos. The Padres coasted to a series win the next day behind a 7-run 2nd inning off Charlie Puleo.

On to L.A., where the eventual World Champions would knock Tom Glavine out in the 3rd inning of Game 142. The Braves fought back, scoring 4 in the 4th, but it wasn’t enough. It would be 23 innings, and two more losses, before they’d score again.

Their 6th loss in a row came at home, vs. the Padres before 4,224 at Fulco in the first game of a doubleheader. The Braves would snap their losing streak in the nightcap, committing 6 errors in a 6-3 win

Three days later, they started another winless streak. This one would last 7 games.


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  1. I was starting my freshman year at the University of Alabama. Telling people you were a Braves fan then, was met with so much ridicule that it made 1991-2000 so special.

  2. I was working at a newspaper in Utah, where the only Braves fan I knew was an idiot reporter who insisted that Glenn Hubbard was every bit as good as Ryne Sandberg. It was embarrassing.

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