Open Thread, 8/27, Braves vs. the Oddibe McDowells

We return to Hank Aaron Drive, where the Braves have the best home record in the bigs. odibe

We hope, of course, to see the Braves win every game on the homestand. But in particular, wishes include: good hitting from Schafer; good pitching from Avilan — not that one shaky outing is cause for concern, but he was shaking his arm; good health for everybody and especially Chris Johnson as he’s back in the lineup tonight; and the start of a new surge for McCann.

Tonight’s home team batting order: Schafer, J. Upton, Freeman, C. Johnson, McCann, Terdo LF, Simmons, E. Johnson, Wood.


9 thoughts on “Open Thread, 8/27, Braves vs. the Oddibe McDowells

  1. I am trying to think of teams that won a lot of games with such a half-assed offense. ’69 Mets? ’88 Dodgers?
    Will Freddie Freeman get MVP consideration? He might win a Gold Glove.

  2. Unfortunately we don’t have Seaver or Hershisher. Freddie deserves MVP consideration; so does Andrelton, who’s having a defensive season unlike anyone before him. You can look it up. Objectively, my vote would go to Andrew McCutchen: .321 BA, .399 OBP, .507 slugging, 26 steals, solid CF defense …

  3. Shortstops always get overlooked. Dave Concepcion belongs in the Hall of Fame; the Reds never won anything until he came up. And I could make a case for Larry Bowa and Alan Trammell.

  4. Walden must be having arm problems and the Braves aren’t saying anything about it.

  5. Maybe his hand is bothering him again where he got hit. If tonight’s game is tight, and the bullpen is involved and Walden doesn’t pitch, then we’ll know something is wrong with him.

  6. Let’s hope the game is not tight then; maybe Uggla goes 4-for-5 with 2 HR’s and 6 RBI’s?

  7. From “Reliever Jordan Walden has been dealing with some discomfort in both of his legs over the past few days. The right-hander and manager Fredi Gonzalez chose not to specifically address the ailment. But Gonzalez echoed Walden’s sentiment that he would be available to pitch again within the next couple of days.”

  8. Well, Avilan was rolled out there again in the 8th tonight, only this time he blew the save. Luckily Johnson came through in the bottom of the 9th.

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