Open thread, 8/12, Braves vs. M. Night Shyamalans

Philly native Shyamalan makes Joel Schumacher look like an auteur

The 2013 Phils aren’t as bad as a M. Night Shyamalan film, but they’re getting there. They are Goofus to the Braves’ Gallant.

Gallant has won 17 of his last 20 games. Goofus (who would play well in Philly) has lost 17 of his last 20.

It’s pretty much a given that Charlie Manuel will take the fall for Philly’s demise, though he’s not the one who constructed their aging roster. Manuel accomplished something no other Phillies manager has done in my lifetime, or in many lifetimes before, winning two pennants and one World Series. Plus, he’s a genuinely nice man who saved my ass when I was assigned a freelance assignment on newly acquired Brave Danys Baez. There isn’t much to write about a middle reliever, but Manuel, who managed Baez in Cleveland, gave a freelancer he didn’t know the anecdotes I needed.

Julio T. takes the mound tonight, and Fredi needs to go easy on him the rest of the way. If he pitches 7 innings tonight he’ll match his career-high in innings pitched. Paul Maholm is about to begin a rehab assignment and, considering the Braves’ lead, a 6-man rotation makes sense.

So does acquiring a utility infielder who can hit better than Corky Miller. Paul Janish is splendid defensively but is helpless at the plate and Fan Uggla has been atrocious of late. I’ve thrown out the name Gordon Beckham, an Atlanta native who can play second and third base and is batting .299 this year. The White Sox seem willing to deal just about everyone on their roster, so FW should give the Reinsdorfs a call.

Tonight’s line-up:

Heyward 9, JUpton 7, Freeman 3, McCann 2, CJohnson 5, Uggla 4, BUpton 8, Simmons 6, Teheran 1


6 thoughts on “Open thread, 8/12, Braves vs. M. Night Shyamalans

  1. Agreed on Beckham. And considering how far the Chisox came down on their asking price for Alex Rios between the trade deadline (three of Texas’ top prospects) to the waiver deal (Leury Garcia), he can probably be had for cheap.

    That the Phillies didn’t try to dismantle their geriatric roster at the trade deadline shocked me. Instead, they’re extending Chase Utley, I guess hoping that street in Atlanta discovers the Fountain of Youth.

  2. In Shyamalan’s defense, I enjoyed “Signs” considerably more than a Corky Miller or Paul Janish at-bat.

  3. Then you guys must not have seen Corky’s performance last week against the A’s:

    2 for 2 with 2 doubles and 2 RBI’s! Obviously, this would be called a “statistical outlier”, but his batting average of .219 is better than both Uggla’s (.186) and BJ Upton’s (.191). Not trying to make the case for a Corky Miller trade by any means; more just wondering how two of our highest paid players are hitting worse than a minor-league caliber catcher…

  4. Support therapy hasn’t worked. Booing hasn’t worked. Maybe being called worse than Corky Miller will finally motivate Uggla to perform consistently at the plate.

  5. Uggla is giving it his all to be better than the .195 BA .700 OPS hitter that he is. And that’s a whole lot better than he will be next year,

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