The best $160 million the Braves never spent

It’s often forgotten that, had then-Rangers owner Tom Hicks not lost leave of his senses, Alex Rodriguez would’ve probably been a Brave.

JS was prepared to offer A-Fraud a contract in the neighborhood of 8 years and $160 million, and early indications were that the Mariners SS was itching to play for Atlanta, his favorite team growing up. In fact, A-Rod chose #3 in honor of his boyhood idol.

Murph should sue for defamation.

Rodriguez, who is seeking a long-term deal averaging $20-$25 million a year, said last week he won’t necessarily go to the highest bidder. The Braves are thought to be willing to offer him a deal averaging $20 million per season, $5 million more than Chipper Jones’ salary, but won’t go any higher.

“What I’m focusing on is a team with a good chance to win, the players, the city, things like that,” Rodriguez told ESPN’s Peter Gammons. “I’m not a selfish player. I want to be one player on a good team that has a chance to win a ring.

“When I sign, people will see that there are no big side deals, and they may find out that I took a little less to play for the team I want to play with.”

“Uh oh,” a baseball executive said to Gammons when informed of Rodriguez’s comment. “That sounds a lot like Atlanta.”

Nope, that sounds a lot like a huge phony.

Rodriguez officially reached rock bottom today, announcing, through his lawyer, his intention to have “no discipline,” not just a reduction in any suspension. And thus ends Ryan Braun’s tenure as baseball’s most loathsome superstar.

All I can say is thank God for Tom Hicks. The Braves have largely avoided players who embarrass the organization, save for one major exception.

Come to think of it, A-Rod and John Rocker would’ve probably gotten along famously had they been teammates — two unlikable cheaters who blame everyone but themselves for self-inflicted wounds.


7 thoughts on “The best $160 million the Braves never spent

  1. For better or worse, Rocker never was the phony that Rodriquez has been. Like the Klan marching in Skokie, Rocker has been pretty much out there in the open.

  2. My mother said something very much like this the other day when we were discussing this spud. He lost her with that bunch of demands about having his own press office and the like.

    I never bought that I Love The Braves And Murph story. He told several different variations of it, depending on which team’s ass he was trying to kiss.

  3. There’s no better w/ Rocker, still responsible for the most despicable quote by a professional athlete: ” know Hank and Jackie took a good deal of crap, but I guarantee it wasn’t for six years. I just keep thinking: How much am I supposed to take?’.

  4. I never bought that “Dale Murphy is my hero” schtick either. He is too self absorbed to have significant regard for anyone or anything other than himself. A phony indeed. I was so relieved when he went to TX.

  5. The most amazing thing about the contract that crooked-ass ewe tee alum Hicks gave A-Knob is that he added an additional $5M per year bidding against himself. And the re-up the Yankees gave him was even worse.

  6. From what I remember, the main sticking point for not signing with the Braves was that Schuerholz refused to grant A-Fraud a no-trade clause. And yeah, thank God for Tom Hicks.

  7. Is there any baseball player likely to be up for a multi-year $20 mil plus contract that would be worth signing? History says no. By the time they have that ‘status’, their best years are already behind them. Angels fans have to be loving their Pujols and Hamilton signings about now.

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