Open thread, 7/20, Braves vs. Dick Allens

Freddie’s back in the line-up, but Jay Hey needs one more day. He tells DOB he expects to play Sunday.

Last night’s win upped the Bravos lead to 6-1/2 games over … the Phils. Are they still contenders? More like overachievers.

Ben Revere and Ryan Howard are out another month, leaving them with little depth offensively. Their pitching is also thin. I don’t see Philly winning more than 85 games.

Washington, meanwhile, just kicked off an 11-game home stand with a loss. If they’re ever going to make a move, you’d think now would be the time.

They better hurry, because no contender has an easier second-half schedule than the local nine. Chicago is as far west as they travel, and most of their remaining opponents have sub-.500 records.

The division could be decided over a 16-day period in August, when the Braves play 12 games, 6 each, against the Nats and Phils.

Today’s line-up:

Constanza 8, CJohnson 5, JUpton 9, Freeman 3, McCann DH, Gattis 2, Uggla 4, Simmons 6, Terdoslavich 7 (Maholm 1)


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  1. These LOBsters are starting to look at lot like the LOBsters of seasons past…

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