B.J. fun fact of the day

‘And they thought I sucked’

Thus far in July B.J. has struck out three times (9) for every time he’s been on base (3 — zero walks, 3 singles).  One of those hits was a blooper and the other should have been charged an error.

B.J. has more strikeouts (25) than hits and walks combined (24) in his last 76 ABs,  good for a .276 OBP. So much for that resurgence.


2 thoughts on “B.J. fun fact of the day

  1. I knew he was costing more than he was worth, but damn I thought he was pretty good. He’s been so much worse than Uggla.

  2. I generally don’t care to rip the guys covering the Braves. But has anyone ever heard the 680 the Fan radio reporter Kevin McAlpin say something interesting? I’m sure he’s a nice guy, and he’s enthusiastic. Problem is he never has anything to say. Today he said there have been “good signs” lately from BJ. He gave no examples. Can anyone name a “good sign?” His lineout last night, maybe? As CB noted, he’s struck out three times for every time he’s reached base in the past week. That’s a good sign??? I’d hate to see what bad signs look like.

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