Open thread, Rick Camp Day

The Terd is the Word!

Naha Gomez reminded us of another July 4th game, 20 years ago, when the Braves beat the Marlins 4-3 on a balk-off that scored Deion Sanders. The Braves ended the day 7 games out of first.

Let’s hope that’s not a omen.

On the injury front, Jordan Schafer was placed on the DL today. Taking his place: switch-hitting corner OF Joey Terdoslavich, who has rebounded nicely at Gwinnett, .318-18-58. Meanwhile, DOB reports Evan Gattis was spotted heading to the indoor cages this afternoon, so we should see him back in Atlanta by the start of the second half, if not sooner.

It’s been dry in Atlanta for a couple of hours now, so it looks like they’ll get this one in.

1. Simmons SS 2. Heyward RF 3. J. Upton LF 4. Freeman 1B, 5. McCann C 6. Uggla 2B 7. B. Upton CF 8. C Johnson 3B 9 Teheran P


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  1. I wouldn’t have remembered it being the 4th but I remember that game. Turner actually dropped the ball, which is one of the many stupid ways you can be called for a balk. That clod Rocker managed to do the same thing, with the reverse result, somewhere later along the line.

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