Noc-a-homa’s revenge

On this date in 1982, according to the Atlanta History Center, Ted banished the chief and his teepee from the stands to sell more tickets.

Legend holds that the Braves promptly lost 19 of 21 games, but if the history center is correct about the date then the legend is a bit off, as the skid occurred in August. Does anyone know the definitive answer?

The chief would return, and the Braves rebounded to claim their second division title in Atlanta. Four years later, the team severed ties with Levi Walker, ushering in a cacophony of awful mascots including Rally, Homer and Ernest P. Worrell.



3 thoughts on “Noc-a-homa’s revenge

  1. No…not that I know of anyway. Always kind of got a kick out of that though.

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