Open thread, 5/12, Braves vs. Billie Jean King’s brother

The re-invention of Tim Lincecum continues, and he’s started 2013 much like he ended the 2012 regular season. Lincecum is yielding a hit per inning and a walk every other frame. But he’s also striking out a shade over a batter per inning, so the Braves may be just what he needs.

I thought Med Dog looked better in his last start than he has all season. Let’s hope he’s turned the corner.


8 thoughts on “Open thread, 5/12, Braves vs. Billie Jean King’s brother

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  1. They really need to win this one after those two pathetic showings. I know Justin Upton is normally a left fielder, but he really looked sloppy on those two mis-played balls yesterday. Medlen will definitely keep them in the game but the offense needs to show up today for sure.

  2. I’m not sure why Justin was moved from left at all. Heyward will be back soon and BJ or Shaffer could play over there. Dumb shit assists in losses.

  3. We weren’t as good as we were to start the season, hopefully we’re not as bad as we are right now. A tendency to strike out a lot doesn’t solve itself. Our saving grace may be that the division is weak this season.

  4. Well if we’re as bad as we’ve looked the last three games, I’m officially giving up any hope of finishing better than the Astros.

  5. They’re just playing really bad baseball right now. I understood Friday’s loss – Tim Hudson was really unlucky on some of those bloop hits that weren’t playable. Yesterday and today though, clueless at the plate and sloppy in the field. Pitchers like Medlen and Maholm need to be able to rely on the defense to pitch effectively, and run support helps too (obviously the solo home runs are on Medlen).

    Let’s hope they can right the ship and take at least 2 of 3 in Arizona…

  6. That’s the thing — they’re just as liable to sweep the D’backs. At a certain point they’re going to have to find some consistency. Same w/ the Nats — looks like they’re about to go on a roll and they lose a series at home to the Cubs. Hard to figure these two teams.

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