Tim Hudson, by the numbers:

Wins as a Brave 108

Wins his first three seasons 49

Wins his last three seasons (pre-2013) 49

Winning percentage as a Brave .620

Wins by Juan Cruz and Dan Meyer, the pitchers traded for Huddy 27 

Hits by Charlie Thomas, the third player in the deal with Oakland 5

Hits by Huddy since the trade 86

Wins by Mark Mulder, traded from Oakland the same month 22

Wins by pitchers traded for Mulder 123

Congrats to the 5th best pitcher in Atlanta Braves history — not bad considering the other 4 are either in the HOF, or soon will be.


4 thoughts on “Timmy!!!

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  1. Solid citizen, nice guy, Southern accent. All in all one of the very best Atlanta Braves.

  2. Not to pick nits but you should also probably qualify that statement to refer to Atlanta Braves. Otherwise, Spahn and Kid Nichols get shortchanged.

    This franchise is one of the most pitching rich in the game’s history. Not only does it have the most impressive rotation ever, it’s got 3 other 300 game winners.

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