Open Thread, Bravos vs. the Ernie “the Cat” Ladds

How ’bout ya, Real Big Cat?

Heading out to the yard in a couple hours. I can’t wait. In the past few seasons, a Wednesday afternoon game vs. a team of the Royals’ ilk would draw 15,000. I’m thinking we’ll see double that today. Hope so.

As of this writing — about 9:45 — the lineups aren’t posted. But the home nine will face average right hander Wade Davis. He had a nice season in relief last year for Tampa Bay. His first two outings this season have been pedestrian. He allowed four earned in four IP his first time out, and then pitched five scoreless but wobbly frames in his last start against the woeful Twins. The Braves are a slightly different animal.

Minor toes for the home team. In 17 starts since June 30, 2012, he has allowed more than 3 earned runs once. He’s been pretty good lately.

Writing of the Brave animal as I did paragraph before last, CB passes along that Buster Lonely, er Olney, says J. Upton’s eight homers have traveled an average of 422 feet. He is raking, crushing it, tearing the cover off the ball, pillaging, ransacking, laying waste, etc.


8 thoughts on “Open Thread, Bravos vs. the Ernie “the Cat” Ladds

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  1. Hey Office! Lookin’ good up there, ain’t I? You know I’m a mean man, and if my grammother climbed in the squared circle I’d whup her, but today i should’ve turned on that greasy bum Frankenfurter and stuck him in the eye with a taped thumb. I’d rather lose to Dirty Rhodes or that drunken Indian Wahoo MacDaniels than win with him

  2. Doug Eddings, the modern day Eric Gregg.
    Too bad Fredi didn’t use Schafer’s only skill set to PR for Francisco.

  3. Fredi called Eddings “one of the best umpires in the league” in the post game interviews, which is as good a job of blowing smoke up an umpires ass as I’ve heard in quite a while. At the ballpark yesterday, the boos became more audible as the crowd became more incredulous at Eddings calls as the game went along. As Sutton and Powell stated on the radio, Eddings is the guy who ejected Chipper Jones and Mike Hampton for bench jockeying in response to his ball and strike judgements.

  4. Eric, where were you sitting? I was in 215. Hard to tell how bad Eddings was from my seat, but Braves hitters were grousing all day. Heyward rarely argues and even he was upset.

  5. Chipper actually called Eddings the contemporary Eric Gregg in ’05 after the Estrada incident.

    “The guy clearly holds a grudge [against the Braves],” Jones said. “Time and time again, pitchers have had career-highs in strikeouts against us with him behind the plate.

    “And he’s so insecure, the first thing you say to him — he basically throws someone out every time he’s behind the plate. The guy’s a subpar umpire to begin with, but to have an attitude on top of it… he’s the new Eric Gregg.”

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