Could overwork be catching up to JV?

Venters left Tuesday’s game favoring his left elbow, which is reportedly sprained. I fear it’s more serious than that.

You’ll recall JV spent time on the DL last July for an elbow “impingement” The fact that it’s giving him trouble this early in the season is worrisome, and even if he does return in two weeks you can’t help but wonder if he’ll regain effectiveness.

There are usually consequences to using a pitcher as often as the Braves have used Venters, who’s appeared in 230 games in three years.

Even without JV, the bullpen remains a strength, though it’s a tenuous one. Will EOF’s back hold up? Is Luis  Avilan really as good as he looked in 2012? (He’s struggled this spring, although I know that’s COMPLETELY irrelevant.)

Fortunately, Jordan Walden — who’s had some health issues of his own — has traditionally been tougher against lefties even though he’s right-handed. If Venters is unavailable he figures to assume a much more prominent role in the late innings.



6 thoughts on “Could overwork be catching up to JV?

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  1. It’s not difficult to think back to the times Fredi would jettison Venters into the game when we had a six-run lead and Venters had thrown 20+ high-pressure pitches the night before. I just can’t see how this ends in a positive way. Reminds me of Remlinger with greater wreckless use/abuse.

  2. I don’t often get caught up in the mistreatment of professional athletes but in this case, Fredi and Roger completely abused Venters, despite his history of arm trouble. He’s been great, but he might be done for a while now.

  3. A sprain definitionally involves ligament damage. With an ankle or even a knee, that damage will usually heal without surgery. I’m thinking that’s not going to be the case when the sprained joint is a pitcher’s throwing elbow. So much for our bullpen depth.

  4. I was really worried when I saw his line in the box score yesterday; I didn’t realize that he had left the game with the elbow soreness. Hopefully it’s nothing serious but I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up needing surgery. Thanks Fredi/Roger!

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