Uggla providing little hope for a turnaround

Even Kris Medlen had two hits today, though his pitching line (5 IP: 14 H, 9 ER) was atrocious. I wouldn’t worry about Med Dog — he’s been fine this spring, though it’s a reminder that he’ll never be as good as he was last season.

I fear we may be saying the same about Uggla before long. He’s now struck out 19 times in 55 spring ABs and has nearly twice as many errors as walks.

On the plus side, Justin Upton homered twice and drove in 6 today, while Juan Francisco hit his third homer in four games.


6 thoughts on “Uggla providing little hope for a turnaround

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  1. I saw that line on MLB Network and thought it had to be a typo. How many pitches did he have to throw? I’m not worried about his psyche but I don’t see how laboring like that at this stage is a good thing.

    It will absolutely not surprise me if JUp has a Frank Robinson ’66 (or Andre Dawson ’87, if you prefer) this season. He’s got to be feeling that he has something to prove.

  2. I actually caught his first AB in today’s game. Runners on second and third with one out, got up in the count 2-0 and couldn’t put anything in play. Then just got absolutely abused on a 2-0 breaking pitch down and away. At what point do we have to consider eating a significant part of the contract and moving him for a piece (Daniel Murphy?) who can help the team?

    This resembles the Jeff Francoeur mess with a far, far worse contract.

  3. Most of the damage against Meds today happened in the top of the 2nd when he left some changeups floating, compounded by a miscue by B.J. (calling J-Hey off a ball that he wasn’t in a position to catch) which was tallied as a hit followed by a throwing error on Francisco. Just a miserable inning. Everything played fast in the early innings – Pastor was eaten alive on a hard hit grounder.

    As for Uggla, in his defense I’ll say that he seems to have worse luck than most guys on balls in play. The two he put into play today could have easily been hits if the defense were positioned a little differently or the players been less keen.

    On the bright side: man, those Upton moonbeams! The first may have been 450-60. Hot-diggity-damn!

  4. Hopefully Fredi has Uggla on a short leash. At this point, I’d rather have Pastornicky manning second than Uggla.

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