Evan Gattis could get Opening Day start

It appears Gattis (.438-2 HR 10 RBI) is a decent bet to make the 25-man roster. If so, don’t be surprised if the right-handed slugger starts at catcher Opening Night vs. Phillies southpaw Cole Hamels.

“When you put a guy [in the lineup], you know you’re going to give him four at-bats,” Gonzalez said. “You don’t know if the ball is ever going to get hit to him. [So] play him. Then you’ve got a lead or whatever, you figure something out defensively.”

Actually, I don’t know what to infer from that Fredi-speak, but all signs point to Gattis making his Turner Field debut on April 1.


One comment

  1. With the way Gattis is playing I’d have no problem with him starting over Laird. I think what Fredi is trying to say is that you have someone like Gattis start and hopefully replace him in the later innings with a better glove (Laird).

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