5 thoughts on “Uggly

  1. The scary thing is, that although he dipped back below the Mendoza line last night, he’s actually played better the last week.

  2. How many months of .175 hitting and porous defense will it take before he gets benched? I suspect it will be July at the earliest.

  3. At this point, do you consider Pastornicky as the starting 2nd baseman? Offensively, I don’t think he would provide better results, but I think he could be a lot better defensively. With our lineup, I think we could afford to put Uggla’s bat on the bench; with a defensive wildcard at 3rd base, I’d feel much better knowing the rest of our infield was solid defensively.

  4. Uggla’s contract means we’re stuck with him. Hard to sit a guy making $13 mil but they may not have a choice. Will be a long while before that happens.

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