Nine who got away: #5, Elvis Andrus

Elvis might rank higher if he hadn’t sat out a game last week with tattoo-related soreness. Not that I wouldn’t want him back with the Braves.

Andrus was 18 when JS, apparently thinking the franchise was set at shortstop with Yesco, dealt him to Texas. Fortunately Andrelton Simmons came along,  saving us from the Tyler Pastornickys of the world.

Meanwhile, 24-year-old Elvis is a two-time All-Star whose BA and OBP have improved each year since 2010. He’s also demonstrated developing power and is among the best defensive SS in the game. Wouldn’t you love to see him batting lead-off  and teaming with Andrelton to form the best double-play combo in the majors?

If it makes you feel any better there’s no way the Braves would be able to afford him in two years, when Elvis hits the free agent market.


4 thoughts on “Nine who got away: #5, Elvis Andrus

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  1. Overrated. His numbers are nothing special. He’ll never hit more than 10 homers or 30 or so doubles (in Arlington at that). His SB% hurts his baserunning value and he’s a league-average SS at best. I think Simmons is capable of besting any of Andrus’ seasons so far THIS year. Had we kept Andrus we may not have kept Simmons. I’m happy.

  2. Though fielding percentage isn’t the most reliable metric and doesn’t tell the whole story, Andrus is beneath the league avg for his position for his career. The case could be made that his rookie campaign was his best except for slugging. I don’t see him getting that much better. Malcontents point is taken though: I would much rather have both. Andrus could be our third base solution.

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