Fredi would have Babe Ruth bunt with Rick Camp on deck

Fredi, king of the ill-advised bunt (see last year’s Wild Card game, and too many other instances to mention), had  this to say about Jay Hey:

“He’s got to work on that,” Gonzalez said. “Last year (opponents) really shifted him. They over-shifted at times. He’s got to really make them respect that bunt. With his speed, he gets on base, it could be (like) a double (with steals). It could be extra bases.”

(I see this topic has led to a Twitter war between Capitol Avenue Club’s Ben Duronio and some members of the Braves. Though I find Duronio and his acolytes on CAC to be, for the most part, pompous, condescending jerks, I’m with him on this one.)


16 thoughts on “Fredi would have Babe Ruth bunt with Rick Camp on deck

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  1. But seriously, I would much rather have Fredi making the pitchers bunt than Heyward. They’re the ones who screwed us last year (except for maybe Huddy) with their inability to bunt successfully. Let Heyward beat opponents by hitting doubles and home runs…

  2. Heyward did not sacrifice bunt, he bunted for a base hit.
    And ultimately scored.
    In a meaningless spring training game where someone like Heyward who is a dead cinch lock to make the team is supposed to practice this shit juuuuuuust in case he one day needs it in a real game.

    Ben Durino is a goddamn robot.
    Probably a Dalek the way he feels the need to exterminate all who dissent.
    And the fact he still does not understand WHY what he did was ridiculous, inappropriate and makes himself and the entire stat geek community look like a bunch of idiots confirms that he is in fact a robot with shitty programming who thinks Major League baseball is nothing more than an Out Of The Park simulation.

    proud member of #teambunt

  3. From a coach’s perspective, occasionally you need your #2 guy to bunt. However, I sincerely hope that Fredi limits that necessity to a small few first and second, no-out situations when we just need one run. Otherwise he needs to stick Reed Johnson or Gerald Laird in the two hole, because if he wastes too many Heyward at bats with sac bunts, I might throw the remote through my beautiful TV.

  4. Fredi’s talking about having Heyward bunt on rare occasions for hits, not to sacriice. I see no problem what that. If the third baseman is standing halfway to second, why not now and then take an almost sure single?

  5. Isn’t the whole point of this exercise so that Heyward has the *threat* of bunting to discourage any defensive shifts used against him?

    Obviously they can’t say “we’re not actually going to USE the bunt, we just want them to know that we can”. No, it’s more effective to say “if you shift on me, I’m going to take the single b/c I’m the #2 hitter and there are Uptons behind me.”

    Bah. Ninety percent of this game is half mental.

  6. Also, I forget who did the article/study, but walking Barry Bonds 70% of the time or whatever actually made him MORE valuable than the home run machine he was. If the bases are empty, pitch to him.

    Relevance: if Heyward gets a chance to bunt single *every* at bat, he should take it. Power be damned.

  7. @jon please understand our best hitter shouldnt be bunting. period. If he was bunting any chance a shift was on, Jhey would be probably get beamed in almost every series. And goddamn, I hope coach Ben learned his lesson and not to troll players.

  8. This is off-topic, but are we going to set a record this year for most players in the everyday lineup whose last name starts with U?

  9. @Bigwheel please understand a bunt single every at bat = a 1.000 AVG, 1.000 OBP and 1.000 SLG. With those numbers, he would continue to be our best hitter. Plus plenty of RBI opportunities for Upton, Freeman and Upton.

    The whole point of Heyward learning to bunt is so that other teams will not put shifts on and AVOID the situation above.

    It looks like Ben had fun with his Twitter exchange, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more throughout the season.

  10. Even McCann drops an occasional base hit bunt against the shift. I wasn’t concerned about what Fredi was saying so much as I am concerned that he’ll treat Heyward like a light hitting 2-hole hitter.

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