Nine who got away: #7, Matt Harrison

Matt Harrison has as many victories the last two seasons as Tim Hudson. The Texas southpaw finished third in the AL in wins and pitcher WAR and seventh in ERA and IP last year. He sure would look good in the Braves rotation (Medlen, Harrison, Huddy, Minor …).

Hard to believe Harrison was considered the fourth-best prospect in the Teixeira deal. (Think Sean Gilmartin.)

Now the 27-year-old Durham native is the favorite to start on Opening Day for Texas.

Bad enough that Elvis Andrus and Neftali Feliz have fulfilled their potential with the Rangers. Harrison has greatly exceeded expectations, more than making up for Salty’s three lackluster seasons in Arlington.

That’s three All-Stars, none older than 27, for 157 games of Texshowmethemoney. The Braves could’ve salvaged the deal had they not traded Borasbot to the Angeles for Casey Kotchman; L.A. used the compensation pick received when the Yanks signed Tex to draft Mike Trout.


4 thoughts on “Nine who got away: #7, Matt Harrison

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  1. Even at the time of the trade, what bothered me were the minor-leaguers added to the deal. Trading Salty was the right move; he was a top prospect at a position where he was blocked at the big-league level. But the worst part of it was that the Braves were bidding against themselves. Nobody else was trying very hard to acquire the Borasbot. Had the Braves extended negotiations right up until the trade deadline, they could have gotten him for a whole lot less.

  2. I wonder if Harrison would have turned out as well under McDowell’s tutelage.

  3. roadrunner, Well, that’s a good point. But the Braves might not have ruined Feliz’s arm by trying to turn him into a starting pitcher without first correcting his mechanics.

  4. As a general rule, you should always take the draft pick.

    At least (and I mean at very least), we didn’t tie ourselves into knots to sign the prick and keep him long term. After the big ’09 season, he’s been a real albatross at the plate for the Yankees.

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