Nine who got away: #8, Brook Jacoby

He’s the other guy in one of the worst trades in Braves history. Brett Butler, who won’t be included on this list because he no longer qualified as a rookie when he left Atlanta, gets all the attention, but Brook Jacoby was a solid third sacker with the Indians  for much of the 1980s, a period when the Braves had Ken Oberkfell stationed at the hot corner.

Jacoby was a two-time All-Star who averaged 15 homers, 67 RBI and a .739 OPS over a 11-year career. Obie had 15 homers for the Braves in five years.

We know the Braves would’ve been better with Jacoby and Butler, but imagine how bad the Indians would’ve been without them? In 1985, for instance, Jacoby finished second on the Tribe with 20 HR and 87 RBI while Butler hit .311 with an .808 OPS and 47 SB. Cleveland’s record: 60-102 — six games worse than the Braves.

Interestingly that ’85 Cleveland team, managed by longtime Braves coach Pat Corrales, was full of players with Atlanta connections. Jacoby and Butler’s teammates included Jerry Willard, Julio Franco, Otis Nixon, Jamie Easterly and another player yet to appear on our countdown of nine who got away.

More on him later.


3 thoughts on “Nine who got away: #8, Brook Jacoby

  1. why john mullen was a further tool,, we had a brittle horner at the hot corner and a minor system had a budding 3B (jacoby) and at 1B we had an aging chambliss. They knew horner was going to be moved to 1b eventually,, why not keep brooke as the prospect,,,,,,,nope they toss him in the barker deal. what happens horner gets hurt (a shocker) and in a panic to aquire a body at 3B they get a punch and judy hitter (in a hitters park) and acquire obie. And by the way lets bundle in a young LHP (dayley ) to get him. When it rains it pours in a matter of months we go from an okay farm system/young guys to depletion ( dayley/jacoby/butler/behenna)
    then because of further panic mullen proceeds to give him a multi year mega deal (at the time) to obie to play 3B and have horner go to 1B. Hard to believe from 85 to 90 they were a joke,,,,,,huge head scratcher . CB you are stressing me out on this list !!!!!!!!

  2. Gee, I don’t suppose that player to be named later was traded for somebody best known for wielding a mean hair drier and dropping a throw on Junior Gilliam’s routine grounder leading off the bottom of the 7th of Game 4 of the 1963 World Series with the score 1-1?

  3. pascualperezfan, I always loved Ken Dayley, and always hated Len Barker. Dayley was a little guy who couldn’t throw hard but was unafraid to pitch inside, whereas Barker could throw in the high 90s but was so chickenshit he wouldn’t put a pitch in the strike zone.

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