Schafer, Pastornicky only Braves yet to report

Judging by Fredi’s comments the former prospects would be advised to go apartment hunting in Buford.

“We’re waiting for [Pastornicky] again this year,” Gonzalez said, in a good-natured tone that nonetheless sent a message. “Schafer probably has a tough time getting travel arrangements. He’s another one I’m going to grab. He only lives two exits up the road here; I haven’t seen him yet.

“I didn’t know he signed a deal with Frank – he’s got a five-year deal, guarantee to play one of the three outfield spots.”



7 thoughts on “Schafer, Pastornicky only Braves yet to report

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  1. Well, gee, maybe Tyler wangled another invitation to the Glenn Wilson Baseball Academy. When you have an opportunity to learn under an all-world talent like Wilson, who needs training camp?

  2. I’m a fan of neither player, but Fredi, as usual, is being an ass. The reporting deadline is today. Fredi is on the record for stating that the reason why the camp is available for early arrivals is so that players from afar can get over jet lag and get acclimated before day 1 arrives. Pastornicky and Schafer are local.

    But in Fredi’s world, it’s more fun to be contradictory and create murky boundaries so that players have to guess about what constitutes approved behavior. And then call players out in public. Being passive aggressive and pretending to be joking adds to the delight. What a dick.

  3. He’s definitely no Bobby Cox. I’m not sure either player will help us this year though.

  4. I don’t at all think Fredi is being an ass. It’s no secret that, when you’re trying to win back a job after bombing out in your previous efforts, you should probably show an overabundance of enthusiasm. There’s no excuse whatsoever for these two to be the last to show up, especially when they live within pissing distance of camp. If a team leader or star were late showing up, that’s one thing. If it’s a guy who couldn’t even stick with the Astros, that’s another story entirely.

  5. Being a sycophant shouldn’t be requisite for making the team if you’re a fringe player.

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