The 20 worst A-Braves pitchers: #5, Jeff Parrett

Bobby’s last major move as Braves GM was his worst, though strangely it worked out for the best. Murph had been on the trading block for a year, and at one point Bobby was near a deal with the Mets that would’ve brought Lenny Dykstra, Howard Johnson and Rick Aguilera to Atlanta. It would’ve been a fantastic haul but, had it happened, TP and Otis would’ve likely never been Braves.

Instead JS’ predecessor sent Murph and Tommy Greene to the Phils for Jeff Parrett, Victor Rosario and Jim Vatcher. Murph was pretty much done but Greene had two above-average seasons as a Phils starter.

Parrett, a decent set-up reliever with the Expos and Phils, wasn’t even competent in Atlanta, allowing 58 hits and walking 31 in 48-1/3 IP. He started the ’91 season with the eventual NL champs but spent most of the year in Richmond. He was released in December of that year and resurfaced in Oakland, where he won 9 games with a 3.02 ERA.


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  1. Lance says:

    He pitched like he was hurt when he was with us. I would have liked to have seen Tommy Greene with Glavine, Smoltz and Avery.

  2. pepefreeus says:

    I don’t even want to contemplte those three Mutt turds in Atlanta uniforms.

    Just to add to his resumé, Parrett later hit Danny Bautista in the face with one of his errant throws when he was with the Cards.

  3. Tokyokie says:

    I saw Tommy Greene throw a no-hitter versus the Expos in 1991. Probably the only no-hitter I’ll ever see (I got Greene to autograph the ticket stub, but I’m not sure where it is) and certainly the only MLB game I’ll ever see in Montreal.

  4. rankin' rob says:

    Joe Lemire in SI has Nats/Braves 1-2 in his pre-season MLB power rankings. Apparently we got better without Chipper on the squad.

  5. pepefreeus says:

    A few smartasses seem to be developing a counter narrative that states that the Braves didn’t help themselvs all that much with the Upton deals and that we’ll miss Prado and Chipper so much that there was no net improvement.

    Anything to call attention to yourself in order to seem edgy.

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