The 20 worst A-Braves pitchers: #9, Jason Schmidt

Jason Schmidt wasn’t as good as you remember. He was mediocre at best for the Pirates after they acquired him from Atlanta in the Denny Neagle trade. It wasn’t until he landed in San Francisco did he emerge as one of the league’s best starters,  twice finishing in the top 5 for NL Cy Young.

The beginning of his career was as bad as the finish, when he flopped as a free agent with the Dodgers. With the Braves he showed little ability to keep runners off base, walking 5.4 and allowing 10.3 hits per 9 IP. He pitched 22 games for the local nine, starting 13, and left Atlanta with an unsightly 6.45 ERA and 1.745 WHIP.

Granted, he was just 23 but the 20 worst does not distinguish between rookies and veterans.


7 thoughts on “The 20 worst A-Braves pitchers: #9, Jason Schmidt

  1. was it Schmidt or Marquis that Leo couldn’t stand thus leading them to be shown the door via trade? or was it both?

  2. And I hope the Office remembers veteran pitcher Blue Moon Odom before getting to the end of this list.

  3. Lance, it was Marquis who butted heads with Leo.

    Mazzone had a magic touch with a lot of guys but occasionally (Ben Rivera is another example), they had to go somewhere else to get straightened out.

    Schmidt did once wear a Weekly World News Batboy t-shirt during a post game interview when he was with the Pirates. I gave him points for that.

  4. chipper wore the same shirt a bunch in 95,,,,,,,schmidt on the top 20 worst list ??? wow, you are tough ,, from 66-90 this franchise had three races, and the rest miserable,,,you are a toughie to include big jay,,,

  5. I didn’t expect to see Jason Schmidt or Lance Cormier on this list. Must’ve forgotten how piss-poor they pitched for us. I often wondered why we let Schmidt go while he was a Giant. If he’s anything like Melkman, the Bay area probably offered more to him than just a pitcher’s park.

  6. I think Schmidt was the oozing puss who waited until he was gone before ripping Mazzone in the press.

  7. I won’t dispute that because I can’t remember but I will say that,at the very least, I know that Marquis did that, as well.

    Maybe Leo just hated guys named “Jason”?

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