Justin Upton will be a Brave by Friday

There’s good reason to be optimistic.

Scribes Rosenthal, Heyman and Olney all report the Braves have offered a “strong package” of players for Upton. DOB says the offer likely involves Teheran plus two-to-three additional prospects. Among the names bandied about: Gattis, Ahmed, Gilmartin, Spruill …

Bet on it happening by Friday, an artificial deadline favored by the D’backs, according to reports.

If it does the Bravos will boast the game’s most gifted outfield, one that combined for 72 homers, 227 RBI and 70 steals in 2012 — and that’s with Justin Upton having an off year.

My concern is what impact this will have on extensions for Jay Hey and Medlen. I’d rather lock those two up than acquire Upton. Hopefully it’s not an either/or proposition.

Still, I’d rather be talking about the possibility of another Upton than trying to rationalize  the signing of Delmon Young.


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  1. Lance says:

    I will miss Teheran but I like the deal. Can Kate Upton play right field? an all Upton OF would be awesome.

    Seriously, this makes our lineup playoff caliber.

  2. tbone82 says:

    An all-Upton outfield would be much better than an all-Justin outfield…I hear Bieber can’t hit ans his arm sucks.

  3. tbone82 says:

    *and… I am not that great at typing with an iPhone…

  4. pepefreeus says:

    Works for me.

    I think the Heyward signing will get done. They ran a pretty good look at the impact of JUp sbeing acquired a week or so ago at CAC. http://capitolavenueclub.com/?p=8211

  5. Mike Jolly says:

    I dont think it will deter the signings of Prado, Meds, or J-Hey. We will have money coming off the books the next several years (Mac, Huddy, Paul M.) I think we lock up Prado and J-Hey first, then Meds later. They probably want to see if Meds will produce for a full season as a starter.

    I am excited for J Up to come to the Bravos. Though I would wish we could keep Teheran and trade Delgado, but I dont see that happening.

  6. Greenville Braves says:

    Sounds like the deal might be done. If it’s Delgado in place of Teheran, then I like it.

  7. Greenville Braves says:

    And now they’re saying Prado is part of the deal. I can’t watch this anymore.

  8. jon3068 says:

    I’m reading Prado, Delgado, Ahmed and Spruill for Upton and Chris Johnson.

    I guess this means the Braves won’t go to arbitration with or sign a long-term deal with Prado.

  9. atlpaddy says:

    Fuck! Not Prado!

  10. rankin' rob says:

    Prado for and Delgado for Upton? I’m guessing this is predicated on being able to pay Upton less for a couple of years than they would have to pay Prado. Who plays third? Francisco every day? Gonna miss Prado. He outhustled everyone.

  11. fonsie18 says:

    As seems to be the consensus here, I’m not happy about including Prado in that package. We just traded what I’d consider the heart of the team, yet didn’t really solve our problem (a potential hole in either LF or 3B).

    If nothing else, I take some (very) small consolation in the feel-good potential of nicknames for our new outfield. “Up, Up, and a Hey” anyone?

  12. jon3068 says:

    Prado was going to leave after 2013. At least Upton’s around for three more years.

    That being said, I’m not convinced he’ll hit so great at Turner Field. Remember when Dan Uggla was going to solve all our problems?

    I’m cautiously optimistic about this season. I’m not sure if two Uptons are an adequate replacement for Prado, Bourn and Chipper.

  13. clete boyer fan says:

    Good Lord. I do not like this at all. We’re going to have close to 700 strikeouts among six batting positions in our lineup. Simmons is now our only contact hitter. Prado could hit at leadoff or #2. With him gone, is B.J. the leadoff man? Let’s hope not. This move raises more questions than it answers.

  14. Tokyokie says:

    The Braves waited on doing the Upton deal until they decided that the cost of signing Prado to an extension would be more than the cost of paying J. Upton for the next three seasons. Chris Johnson is a capable third baseman, and there’s now some wiggle room for extending the likes of Heyward, Medlen and Freeman, and we didn’t have to trade Teheran or EOF or Gattis in the deal. Ahmed is a nice player, but I doubt he’ll ever be as good as Simmons, and the Braves have enough pitching in the low minors that Spruill was expendable. I hated the Texeira deal from the get-go, but I like this one.

  15. charlesad says:

    Strangely, Johnson has hit righties better than lefties. Francisco is awful against lefties, though, so maybe Johnson will get most of the ABs and Juan plays against certain right handers. Say Johnson gets 400 ABs and Juan 200, or something along those lines. That’s what I’d like to see, as Johnson is a better overall hitter than Francisco. Johnson’s OBP was 50 points higher last season. Or it could be a straight platoon. But, yeah, either way there are a lot of strikeouts in this lineup.

  16. Tokyokie says:

    Of course, I’m not saying I wouldn’t like to have two Uptons and Prado, just that given our crappy ownership, this is about as good as could have been expected.

  17. Gracelynn says:

    I much prefer inoifmatrve articles like this to that high brow literature.

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