Are the Phils a threat?

I like Ben Revere, acquired by the Phils from Minnesota, but otherwise their offseason has been a bust. They got older, acquiring Michael Young, who’s coming off a dreadful season with the Rangers. And the 36-year-old third sacker will only make a bad fielding team worse.

Today they signed clubhouse cancer Delmon Young, another poor fielder who had a .296 OBP and .411 slugging percentage last year in Detroit. His career numbers aren’t much better.

Yes, they still have Hamels, Lee and Halladay.  Lee was better than his record in 2012 but will be 34 on Opening Day. Halladay, 36 in May, wasn’t very good last season and with nearly 2,700 innings pitched you’ve got to wonder how much he’s got left. Kyle Kendrick and John Lannan complete a rotation with little depth.

Looks like a .500 team to me.


4 thoughts on “Are the Phils a threat?

  1. unless their pithcing is 2010-like then they shouldn’t win more than 83 games. Their lineup has some major problems and they’ll be Mets-like in the field.

    I think it’s Nats and Braves again, as the Mets and Marlins will suck a lot.

  2. Agreed with Lance.

    The Phils are at that point where they’ve had several years of success and they’ve forgotten that it isn’t as simple as putting on their intimidating uniforms and just strolling out there to wait for the magic to happen.

    If they weren’t such a bunch of asswipes playing for the worst sports fans on the planet, I’d almost feel bad for them.

  3. Dear Rowland’s office, I just read that Grady Sizemore is alive and possibly healthy. What do think about taking a million dollar flyer on him in LF?

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